Quality Assurance
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The BQ-9000 programs have become a critical element, building confidence in the quality of biodiesel and biodiesel blends, by both consumers and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s) alike. Each of the programs, Producer, Marketer, and Laboratory, has the two basic goals to promote the commercial success and public acceptance of biodiesel and to help assure that biodiesel fuel is produced to and maintained at the industry standard, ASTM D6751. In addition to monitoring the fuel quality against internationally recognized specifications, the quality systems of participating companies are audited on their storage, sampling, blending, distribution and fuel management practices.

Each of the programs has seen growth and continued momentum throughout FY2013. The number of Accredited Producers reached 49, with another 5 companies enrolled and awaiting their certification audit. The number of Accredited Laboratories has also increased to 12; up from 7 this time last year. The increase in the number of companies enrolled now means that nearly 90 percent of the biodiesel manufactured by NBB members comes from an Accredited Producer. With the overall growth that our industry has seen this past year, this accomplishment is not insignificant.

The Commission continues to work and develop a new program for fleets and retailers. Several state regulators and OEM’s have expressed interest and their willingness to provide insight into the development of the program. This potential “piece of the puzzle” could effectively cover the quality and fuel management practices for the biodiesel industry from production through to consumption within the U.S. fuels market. Additionally, the Commission has been asked to review and consider the accreditation and auditing of sites outside of North America. With new companies and facilities outside of the U.S. registering under RFS2, this will potentially help to assure the market that the biodiesel is produced to and maintained against the current D6751 specifications.

For more information on any of the BQ-9000 programs, or on becoming accredited, please visit www.bq9000.org or contact the NBB office in Jefferson City, MO.