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Year after year the communications program works in concert with all other program areas to share news about industry accomplishments and to support biodiesel awareness and education. The program touches on just about every NBB member defined objective with a primary focus on maintaining public and decision-maker support.

Advanced Biofuel Initiative

The Advanced Biofuel Initiative was built as a result of biodiesel industry leaders recognizing the need to differentiate biodiesel as America's first advanced biofuel - particularly in a climate influenced by the Renewable Fuel Standard. Now in its third year, the first national public education campaign for biodiesel features coast to coast TV spots, as well as print, radio, digital, and social media advertising. It is enhanced by a focused effort to reach influential livestock and environmental groups who have opposed biodiesel and biofuel expansion efforts. The effort has been cited as among the major contributors to biodiesel's ability to compete for growing access to the undifferentiated advanced category within the RFS.

It is impressive what we have accomplished. This year the advertising campaign garnered more than 67 million impressions across the country on such prominent shows as "Meet the Press,” “This Week,” “Face the Nation,” and “Fox News Sunday.” National TV spots were complemented with online advertising that produced more than 250,000 views of this year's television commercial on YouTube. In addition a targeted regional effort added more than 11 million impressions on TV, 4.7 million impressions on radio, 2.4 million in print ads, and 4 million local online impressions.

Sustainability Awareness

Misinformation about biodiesel and biofuels is staggering. Whether it is food and fuel, indirect land use change, or energy balance, the Sustainability Awareness effort works specifically to communicate the constant enhancement of biodiesel and the industry’s impact on environmental and social sustainability. This year we proactively reached out to more than four dozen reporters and media outlets who misrepresented biodiesel, posting comments on stories, calling for corrections and working to establish NBB as a source for accurate information. The project also supports the sustainability website, a site that saw nearly 14,000 page views this year and serves as home to the Scientists for Biodiesel and Next Generation Scientists for Biodiesel Efforts.

The project also supports outreach to trade shows and industry events with a focus on sustainability. Events like the Green Fleet Conference, Alternative Clean Transportation Expo, and the Green Truck Summit are full of decision makers looking to use alternative fuels and in many cases, without NBB’s participation the biodiesel industry would not be represented at all among the natural gas, hybrid, and electric technologies filling the expo halls and panel discussions.

Industry Communication

Communicating with members, industry stakeholders and the public is a core service of NBB. Industry Communications is the baseline public relations focus designed to spread the good news of biodiesel. 

Here's a look at just some of what we achieved this year on behalf of members:

  • responded to some 1000+ requests for information from reporters and others
  • drafted and distributed more than three dozen news releases
  • monitored thousands of biodiesel news stories and articles, assembling and distributing them to members
  • showcased the Biodiesel Conference & Expo securing more than a dozen on site reporters and nearly five dozen articles
  • ensured biodiesel and NBB members were represented at key alternative trade shows and energy events

Coordination and communication with industry leaders and partner groups is another key function and includes member updates, daily news clips, newsletters, trainings, and talking points. In conjunction with the United Soybean Board’s Biodiesel Alliance, this project supports the Biodiesel Ambassadors, an effort to coordinate third party biodiesel experts to enhance biodiesel awareness. This year Ambassadors represented the industry at nearly a dozen fleet and clean air events around the nation.