Clean Fuels Alliance America has created these one page infographics available for download.

Clean Fuels tracks national statistics on biodiesel and renewable diesel production, its economic impact, environmental value, and social benefits. Clean Fuels also works with state associations to track state-level and regional impacts.



One Pagers

State One Pagers

Title Type Size
  California pdf 492 KB DownloadCalifornia
  Connecticut pdf 549 KB DownloadConnecticut
  Illinois pdf 988 KB DownloadIllinois
  Indiana pdf 835 KB DownloadIndiana
  Iowa pdf 644 KB DownloadIowa
  Louisiana pdf 511 KB DownloadLouisiana
  Massachusetts pdf 1797 KB DownloadMassachusetts
  Michigan pdf 1144 KB DownloadMichigan
  Minnesota pdf 573 KB DownloadMinnesota
  Missouri pdf 804 KB DownloadMissouri
  Nebraska pdf 1568 KB DownloadNebraska
  New York pdf 120 KB DownloadNew York
  Ohio pdf 301 KB DownloadOhio
  Oregon pdf 133 KB DownloadOregon
  Rhode Island pdf 452 KB DownloadRhode Island
  Texas pdf 483 KB DownloadTexas
  Washington pdf 142 KB DownloadWashington

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