Clean Fuels Focus Stories

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In this episode of Fueling Conversations with Clean Fuels Alliance America, Rural Business-Cooperative Service Administrator Karama Neal discusses the Higher Blends Infrastructure Incentive Program and Advanced Biofuel Payment Program.
Clean fuels production supports 75,200 jobs across the U.S. economy.
From the heartland to the coasts, clean fuels have proven benefits.
Through a series of grants, the Higher Blends Infrastructure Incentive Program (HBIIP) is aiding the build out of infrastructure to increase access to low carbon liquid fuels including biodiesel.
In this Episode, Steve Howell, an expert on biodiesel shares how the fuel has evolved and where it’s headed in the future.
Better. Cleaner. Now. Biodiesel is a low carbon fuel option now and into the future.
Biodiesel, renewable diesel and sustainable aviation fuel are immediate and effective options in reducing carbon emissions.
The outlook for biodiesel is strong, especially for new markets.
Diverse feedstocks are key to industry growth
Demand for sustainable aviation fuel is on the rise. Clean Fuels technical director, Scott Fenwick shares insight into the future of SAF.
Donnell Rehagen talks how expanding access to crush facilities is good for family farms and achieving our industry vision of reaching 6 billion gallons by 2030.
Expanded study on the health benefits of adopting biodiesel, renewable diesel and Bioheat® Fuel finds use would reduce premature deaths and reduce cancer risks while improving asthma symptooms.
In the most recent episode of Fueling Conversations, a content partnership with Brownfield Ag News, Paul Nazzaro, a strategic partner with Clean Fuels president of the Nazzaro Group, discusses the benefits of Bioheat® Fuel
In the most recent episode of Fueling Conversations, a content partnership with Brownfield Ag News, Scott Fenwick, technical director for Clean Fuels Alliance America, discusses the differences
Awards honor those who pushed boundaries for the industry. The Eye on Industry Awards, presented to those who bet on the industry success, were distributed to a range of individuals representing the progress to-date of the clean-burning transportation...
The National Biodiesel Board unveiled its new name and new brand, Clean Fuels Alliance America, furthering the organization’s position, reflecting the diversity of fuels & modern approach.

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