Clean Fuels Focus Stories

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In this episode of Fueling Conversations, U.S. Canola Association Director Tom Hance explains how the new pathway can benefit canola growers, renewable fuel producers, consumers, and the environment.
Mac Marshall, vice president of market intelligence for USB, discusses growth in biodiesel and renewable diesel allowing soybean farmers to build upon the prior investments and technological innovations that have enabled soy to play a role in biofuels.
In this episode, Steve Howell, senior technical advisor to Clean Fuels, discusses the history behind the ASTM standard for biodiesel and shares information on the recently approved Low Metals Grade.
In this episode, Greater Indiana Clean Cities Executive Director Kerri Garvin and Indiana Soybean Alliance Biofuels Director Helena Jette, board president, discuss transportation and clean air challenges in Indiana and the role biodiesel can play.
The U.S. EPA is due to finalize the 2023 Renewable Fuel Standard obligations by June 14. Clean Fuels Director of Public Affairs and Federal Communications, Paul Winters, explains how the last three months of growth should account for higher RVOs.
In this episode of Fueling Conversations, Tom Hammer, president and CEO of the National Oilseed Processors Association, discusses how processors are making significant investments to meet increasing demand for food, feed and biofuels.
In this episode of Fueling Conversations Jayson Lusk, head of agricultural economics at Purdue University, discusses creating an economic model to identify the effects of shifts in demand for soybean oil in biofuels on food prices.
Clean Fuels Alliance America is taking a leading role in ensuring that these policies facilitate, rather than derail, the industry’s progress.
In this episode of Fueling Conversations, Allen Schaeffer, executive director of the Diesel Technology Forum, expands on some of these challenges and how clean fuels can continue to play an immediate role in decarbonization efforts.
In this episode of Fueling Conversations, Bailey Arnold, director of clean air initiatives with the American Lung Association discusses the organization's role in the Biobased Academy training program.
Consumers are demanding greener practices, and companies can see where the road is heading. Clean fuels are not a dream for a sustainable future. We’re here now.
This episode of Fueling Conversations features Nathanial Doddridge, vice president of fuels for Casey's General Stores, as he discusses how the company supports a Midwest soy-based biodiesel industry.
This episode of Fueling Conversations features Joy Gardner, the executive director of Empire Clean Cities as she discusses the immediate role clean fuels play in addressing environmental concerns for New York.
In this episode of Fueling Conversations with Clean Fuels Alliance America, Rural Business-Cooperative Service Administrator Karama Neal discusses the Higher Blends Infrastructure Incentive Program and Advanced Biofuel Payment Program.
Clean fuels production supports 75,200 jobs across the U.S. economy.
From the heartland to the coasts, clean fuels have proven benefits.
Through a series of grants, the Higher Blends Infrastructure Incentive Program (HBIIP) is aiding the build out of infrastructure to increase access to low carbon liquid fuels including biodiesel.
In this Episode, Steve Howell, an expert on biodiesel shares how the fuel has evolved and where it’s headed in the future.

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